Why You Need To Take Care of Your Children’s Gaming Habits?

You Need To Take Care of Your Children’s Gaming Habits - WinfiY crunch

Gone are the days when only adults used to have smartphones. In the world of internet, more & more younger children have their own smartphones/ laptops or access their parents’! For what? Well, mostly to play games or watch videos! While there is no harm in children playing games or having fun with videos! After all, childhood should be fun. But there are concerns that can’t be ignored. Games (specially video games), YouTube, Netflix, Candy Crush & other like services are highly addictive for children (& everyone else!). Few minutes screen time is good but if children have fixed their eyes on the screen for hours, there is a problem we need to tackle. There are cases when children have been sent to rehab after addiction development. If you have kids with same issues, please take care of the issue. Ask them to cut their digital activity time & engage in physical gaming & other fun activities. If your kids have not yet developed such problems, give yourself a pat on the back for your parenting skills & make sure that your kids develop good habits!

Reference: The Sun.

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