Morning Lark or Night Owl: 4 Things Each Type Reveals About Your Personality!

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Though, being a morning person or late riser is a matter of personal choice (or a matter of DNA, scientifically speaking!), it can reveal a lot about your personality.

As per research, If you are a morning lark i.e. you rise early in the early morning & go to bed early at night, you are likely to be:

#1 More cooperative;

#2 Persistent & punctual;

#3 Enterprising &

#4 Bad Procrastinator (which is good!).

On the other hand, if you are a night owl i.e. you stay up late at night & rise in the late morning, you are likely to be:

#1 More fearless & strong risk-taker;

#2 At more risk of being a smoker & alcoholic;

#3 More intelligent (which is great) &

#4 Good procrastinator (which is bad!).

Well, that’s the result of research based on sampling! So, it would not be far to judge a person just on the basis of his or her sleeping pattern, right? After all, it’s our overall behavior and habits that makes us good or bad! What you think of these results? Do you fit into these findings?

References: Inc, Photo Thanks: Max Pixel.

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