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This is Why You can't ignore Social Media & Your Smartphone's Bloody Push Notifications - WinfiY crunch

This is Why You can’t ignore Social Media & Your Smartphone’s Bloody Push Notifications!

Almost all of us find it impossible to ignore the bloody Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other push notifications! Do You ever wonder why these “push” notifications are so compulsive? Well we got it (it’s something technical related to medical science!)! When some notification hit your phone, it triggers one neuro-chemical in your brain called ‘Dopamine’ which compel you to check the notification. After, checking notification, ‘Dopamine’ releases which makes You feel happy! All Social Media Companies are using this trick to destroy your time and mind as well! We suggest one solution: Go to your Smartphone settings and turn-off the push notifications!

Number of Times You Check Your Smartphone a Day is Shocking - WinfiY crunch

Number of Times You Check Your Smartphone (Not So Smart!) a Day is Shocking!

Do you Know that the average millennial picks up their smartphone 150 times a day! Reason is “FOMO” (Don’t worry we got this acronym: “Fear of Missing Out”). In a tech world, we want to stay connected 24/7. For people in age group of 18-24, the most important thing just after waking up is to check their smartphone (Really important!). Well, if you want to stay productive & be different, start controlling this bad habit of yours right away!