How Many Pages Are There On The Internet (‘or Google’)?

How Many Pages Are There On The Internet or Google - WinfiY crunch

Though we can’t quote the exact number but as per Google Blog, as of November 2016, Google knows “130 TRILLION” web pages! In March 2013, the corresponding number was “just” 30 trillion. In less than 4 years (from March 2013 to November 2016), more than 100 trillion web pages has been added to “Google Index Bank“. That’s why Google has answer to almost all of your questions. After all, it has database of 130 trillion knowledge web pages from which it answers your queries! In fact, it’s not Google who knows the answers but those web pages that are written by publishers, bloggers & media companies. Google simply uses that informaion to display the answer or “Search Results”. So, Google is not so intelligent!

Source:  Search Engine Roundtable, Photo Thanks: Pexels.

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