Don’t Read e-Books at Sleep Time. Here is why!

Don't Read e-Books at Sleep Time. Here is why - WinfiY crunch

Most people (perhaps you too!) like to read books at night to help them fall asleep. But if you are using e-Books at night instead of print books, Beware! Light emitting from e-Books you are reading before your bedtime makes it tougher for you to fall asleep and reduces the next morning alertness letting you feel sleepier and adversely impact your health & performance. So, we recommend you to use only print books at night to enjoy deep sleep. (Pro Tip: If you are a fan of e-Books, You can use e-Ink device like Amazon Kindle which will give you a paper like feel while giving the comfort of e-Books!)

Stop Using Smartphone Near Sleep Time! Here is Why…

Stop Using Smartphone Near Sleep Time! Here is Why… - WinfiY crunch

Do You know that using Smartphone before sleep leads to poor sleep quality. If you use smartphone just before going to bed, it may take you longer to fall asleep. Reason is Smartphone screen light has similar effect like sunlight which makes it hard to get to sleep as well as stay asleep. Even teens & children are losing sleep time & quality due to excessive use of Smartphones and tablets. It is recommended not to use smartphone & other electronic devices at least one hour before going to sleep for better sleep and an ‘alert & productive day ahead’!