Why You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Your Sleep For Your Studies?

You Don't Need to sacrife your sleep for your studies - Minute Crunch

We all want to be good at our studies but nobody of us knows the secret formula to do that! While we don’t have a secret study sauce too, we do know that a fresh mind is an essence to be good at learning and for a fresh mind, you need to have a good sleep. A research found that students who sleep for 8 hours perform better in their exams than those who cut their sleep.

If you believe that by cutting your sleep time you can invest more time in studies and perform better, you are wrong. This is because poor sleep causes depression & leads to falling in your attention and productivity. The number of hours studied doesn’t matter. What matters is that how much you get done in those hours!

In short, you don’t have to choose between your sleep & study, as good sleep and good studies go together. If you want to be truly good at academics, learn to get proper sleep (study suggest 8 hours!).

References: Times Now, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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