How Many Passwords Do You Have (We Guess 19!)? Are They Safe?

Choose Strong & Complex Passwords - WinfiY crunch

Due to online Lifestyle, we log into hundreds of websites & apps on a daily basis. Some of them have specific password requirements like minimum & maximum character length, uppercase letters & use of special characters (like %$#@ et cetera) among others! The result is average internet user has 19 passwords! Surprising part is that 47% of the online people deliberately use unsafe passwords as they find it hard to remember strong & complex ones! Well, with increasing online security threats, be wise enough to use strong passwords for all your accounts. Avoid passwords based on Nicknames, Birthdays, Quotations, Pets & Books as these are the first arms of hackers! Also, it’s good practice to use 2-factor authentication, wherever available. And yeah… don’t reuse password! 1 Password = 1 Account. There should be separate passwords for each account, else bear the risk of 1 Account Hacked = All Accounts Hacked.

Source: naked security, The Conversation, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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