This Country has highest percentage of women pilots!

India has highest percentage of women pilots - WinfiY crunch

We are talking about India, (rather, incredible India!) which is amongst the most shining countries on the today’s world map. 12% of India’s total pilots are women which is the highest percentage in the world and far better than the world average of 5.4% (Well done India! We are proud of it!). With this impressive number, India has clearly proven how much empowered & braver are Indian women. Finland also match India with a percentage of 12% (Finland Rocks!) while countries like US & Brazil far lagged behind in the list with a meagre percentage of 5.1% & 2.2% respectively. We salute all these women winners. Share this post with #IncredibleWomen for the sake of your regard to women, not of only India but of the whole world!

Source: The Economic Times.

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