World’s Highest & Tallest Incredible Rail Bridge!

Chenab Bridge is the worlds tallest & highest rail bridge in world - WinfiY crunch

Well, the world’s largest rail bridge is not as famous as the New York’s Brooklyn Bridge but it is taller than the Brooklyn Bridge! We are talking about incredible “Chenab Bridge” which is under construction in Jammu & Kashmir of Incredible India (not Pakistan!). Currently the bridge is under construction & on completion the bridge will have a height of 1178 feet or 359 meters above the Chenab River & will become the tallest rail bridge on the planet. Originally scheduled to be launched in 2009, the launch is rescheduled in May 2019 positively (construction was halted by the most difficult Himalayan Area)! Let’s hope for timely launch this time.

Source: Suggested by Tarun, Wikipedia, Photo Thanks: Flickr.


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