Bhutan Has Pioneered This Amazing Philosophy To Measure Country’s Progress!

Bhutan Gross National Happiness Philosophy - WinfiY crunch

In the entire world (except Bhutan!), the “measure to measure” the country’s progress is “Gross Domestic Product” (called “GDP“)  or Gross National Product (called “GNP“) where money & income is considered as the primary goal. Bhutan has developed its own philosophy which is “excellent & brilliant” & its called: Gross National Happiness (“GNH“). In 1972, the king of Bhutan said: GNH is more important than GNP (Well, that’s right! Isn’t it?).Bhutan considers the happiness & well-being of people as it’s guide. Under GNH, it’s not income but the collective happiness which is primary goal. Since it’s inception & implementation in Bhutan, GNH has curated international recognition resulting in declaration of “International Day of Happiness” by United Nations! Really, GNH is a big idea from a small country that is changing the perception  of world on how we measure development by imbibing an element of collective happiness & well-being in it!

Source: Suggested by Tarun, The Guardian, Wikipedia.

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