4 simple things you can do to stop smoking

Stop smoking with hypnosis

#1 Drink more and more water! When it comes to quit smoking, water is your best friend. Drinking more water can help you beat stress and deal with headache arising in the starting phase of quitting smoking. This way, you’ll stay hydrated as well. #2 just wait & be calm. The urge to smoke lasts only for few minutes. If you can pass that time, your urge will be automatically gone with the passed time. #3 Keep yourself stress free. Stress is one of the most cited argument for smoking. If you feel the need to smoke in stress, keeping stress away can help you quit smoking. With natural things like yoga, walk, sports, gardening, et cetera, you can keep yourself away from stress and smoking. #4 Visualize your smoking-free future. If you imagine yourself as a non-smoker, you will find yourself more healthy, successful and lively. Want that kinda future? Quit smoking then!

References: The Economic Times, Quitter’s Circle.

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