L.A. Is Painting It’s Streets White & The Reason Is “Cool”!

Los Angeles Is Painting Its Streets White & The Reason Is Cool - WinfiY crunch

While Los Angeles is the city of big dreams, it’s the city of big heat as well! In peak summer, L.A.’s streets’ temperature can rise up to 50ºC . To control the situation, L.A. officials have invented one weird & costly yet useful solution: Paint Streets & Roads White! The new white coating (called “CoolSeal“) costs $40,000 per mile & is about 15ºC  cooler than the temperature of normal black coated roads! Interestingly, the new idea has passed it’s preliminary tests and the method is considered as success in reducing the heat of the city! L.A. is the first city in California to follow such cool method to make the city cool & is sure to make lives easy, healthy & cool, of course for people living  in Los Angeles. It’s a move worth celebrating for the Los Angelenos!

Source: Mother Nature Network.

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