What Does ‘i’ Stand For In Apple Products & Services?

What Does 'i' Stand For In Apple Products & Services goshbuzz - WinfiY crunch

iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iWatch, iLife, iCloud, iOS, iWork and the list of Apple’s “i-Products & Services” goes on! Well, we all know the meaning of words here after “i” but what does “i” mean here? Let’s explore! Well before 1998, it was hard to connect your electronic devices to internet and to solve this issue, Steve Jobs decided to create products that are integrated with internet. Following this decision, Apple launched its first “i-Product” called “iMac” where “i” stood for “internet integration”. iMac was the first product that provided internet connection right out of the box & Apple continued to use that nomenclature till now.

Source: Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography.

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