What’s The Most Popular Internet Activity of Adults?

Email is The Most Popular Internet Activity of US Adults - WinfiY crunch

Forget shopping, surfing, online classes, social media, chatting, music & video streaming! Our email use has turned out to be number one activity on the internet. About 91% of the US adults use email, about 86% use messaging, about 71% use internet On-The-Go services, about 71% use social media, about 69% do shopping & enjoy other online consumer services. It sets email as the number one activity on the internet. Well, this also shows that most of the people are spending their time in their inbox & we can save our time by unsubscribing to useless emails. Today, almost all sites (Minute Crunch too!) demand your email as soon as you land on their page to deliver their newsletters in your inbox and derive traffic. Some websites even offer free books & other exciting stuff like discount codes & free trial of a premium service in consideration of your email but most of their emails are not useful. We suggest you to take a weekly “inbox checkup” & reconsider your subscriptions each week to keep the emails at minimum & get more stuff done!

References: Statista, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

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