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Don’t Trust Facebook With Your Face! Here Is Why!

Don’t Trust Facebook With Your Face! Here Is Why!

Do not Trust Facebook Facial Recognition With Your Face - WinfiY crunch

Facebook encourages its users to upload their “face” (Yes, Face!) as profile picture. It’s not gonna do anything in your favor. Trust us. Facebook is using the face of people like you to build a huge database of faces  to form a new kinda software or technology called “Facial Recognition“. It will be used for identifying & scanning people in photos & will suggest more names to be tagged in a photo when somebody posts new photo on Facebook. Since no technology is perfect! Who knows in what kind of photo you may be tagged by this new Facebook mess! It’s nothing less than a new threat to your privacy. Well, we suggest you to secure your face by removing all your photos from Facebook before Facebook makes dollars from selling your face! While you can’t remove photos posted by your friends in their own timeline, you may can must (neither we force you nor we can!) share this post with them & ask them to delete photos. They too deserve better privacy, right? Rest is up to you. After all, it’s your face!

Source: USA Today.

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