Instagram is for oldies, Snapchat is for Youngsters!

Instagram is for oldies & Snapchat is for Youngsters - WinfiY crunch

OK-OK! Let us first clear your (We mean Instagram lovers!) anger on this post title! The above title is not exaggerated by us, rather it’s what an study of ‘battle between Instagram & Snapchat; have found. 31.4 % Instagram users are aged above 35 (oldies!) while Snapchat’s ‘just’ 21.7% users are aged above 35! Going further, Snapchat’s 40% audience is aged between 18-24 (Youngsters!) while Instagram enjoys this percentage at 31% only. So, what do you think now? Instagram or Snapchat? Which one is for youngsters & which one is for Oldies as per your vote?

Source: SimilarWeb.

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