(Mostly) ‘F’ is the shape in which you read online content!

F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content - Nielsen Norman Group Original Eye tracking Study - WinfiY crunch

Do you know we read a web-page in a very different manner than we read a newspaper or a book. Eye-tracking study has revealed that most of the people read web-page in “F” pattern! In layman’s language, we can call is ‘web-page scanning’. It is so as while reading a web-page, we get lazier! At start, we read each word of upper paragraphs, then we start little scanning in subsequent paragraphs & while coming to end, we start aggressive scanning. Another reasons are: on web-page, we are efficiently looking for a specific information & we simply don’t have time to read each word. So, our eyes act like scanners from the very start & our reading graph goes like as shown in the image of this post. It’s “F” shaped (& it’s unbelievable!)

Source: Nielsen Norman Group (Original Eye-tracking Study), Nielsen Norman Group (2017 Eye-tracking Study).

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