The Only Industrialized Nation Without ‘Paid’ Maternity Leave?

USA The Only Industrialized Nation Without Paid Maternity Leave - WinfiY crunch

Paid maternity leave are considered as utmost important part of any organization’s policy to promote the culture of family inclusion. In fact, all the industrialized nations have laws which mandatorily require inclusion of paid maternity leave in the policy of organizations but there is one nation which doesn’t guarantee workers paid maternity leave. Guess which one! Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s United States of America. Yes, the only federal law guaranteeing maternity leave in the USA is unpaid which makes USA the only industrialized nation without any paid maternity leave policy. Isn’t it shocking? A nation, which is a role model for the entire world in terms of development & betterment lacks such kinda important policy is a hard-to-digest fact, but fact is fact! We’d like to just say: Wake up America, you’ve got a job to do!
Source: The Cut, PolitiFact, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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