Why You Must Ask Smokers Around You To Stop Smoking?

Why You Must Ask Smokers Around You To Stop Smoking - WinfiY crunch

We all found smokers! They are everywhere! Well, we wish you are not a smoker and you hate tobacco smoke! Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by smokers & you are forced to inhale the tobacco smoke released by them, right? You know tobacco smoke is one of the most dangerous air pollution & effect your lungs very badly, but smokers rarely care about this! It is causing increasing number of asthma cases & other medical issues (leaving unbearable smell aside!) for non-smokers as well & you need to take an action as their smoking costs your health.  Next time, you find smokers, politely ask them stop it via a simple cough or a word of mouth! Hopefully, they will understand. If it doesn’t happen, simply step away as neither you nor we want a fight! It’s better for all! What more can be done about it? Do, let us know.

Source: The Active Times, Flickr.

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