How Your Smartphone Affect Your Intelligence?

How Your Smartphone Affect Your Intelligence - WinfiY crunch

If you think your smartphone makes you smart, you are wrong. The fact is your smartphone makes you dumb & reduce your overall intelligence. Video games, internet, Social media and other such things in your phone impact your critical thinking negatively & harm your ability to concentrate. How? Well, you have all answers available just a tap away, so you no longer use your brain to solve a problem. Now your mind bear no pain, so it does have no gain! You constantly get push notifications distracting you from work and hindering your focus. Online activity is constantly seen with a cut in physical activity making our body & brain inactive! So, cut your time on Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Video games and be more active in real life than online life. It’s more fruitful & enjoyable!

Source: Medical Daily, Photo Thanks: PxHere.

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