4 Elements of Energy That Will Change Your Life!

4 Elements of Energy That Will Change Your Life - WinfiY crunch

Following Tony Schwartz‘s quote “Manage your energy, not your time“, Buffer Co-founder Leo Widrich revealed his work principle: “Working more is never the answer”. It seems true given his claim that most of us are chasing hours in the day & not our energy. To understand energy, Tony has smartly divided the energy in 4 elements: “#1 Your physical energy – how healthy are you? #2 Your emotional energy – how happy are you? #3 Your mental energy – how well can you focus on something? #4 Your spiritual energy – why are you doing all of this? What is your purpose?”. Note the order of these 4 elements. First you need to be healthy (it’s the base of other energies). Secondly, you need to be happy as you can properly focus only when you are in good mood. Then you need to have your “why – the purpose of your life”. Without purpose, you can’t succeed. So culminate all the 3 energies first & then start with why to reach the highest in your life!

Source: Buffer, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.


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