SNOO Smart Sleeper – An AI Equipped Baby Bed For Perfect Baby Sleep!

SNOO Smart Sleeper from Happiest Baby - WinfiY crunch

SNOO” is a baby bed that uses AI & robotics to give babies a perfect & happy sleep! SNOO claims to be the safest baby bed that can boosts baby sleep with its soothing white noise. SNOO can even respond to the baby’s cry & movements & can calm the baby with its motions & soothing sounds. App is also there to control this baby bed. Well, considering the fact that “modern parents” have less time for their child care given their busy schedule, SNOO is a perfect fit in today’s tech lifestyle. It can allow parents to rest well while their child care is taken by SNOO. We can say SNOO is a “happy parenting” tool that will provide “sleepful night” not only for babies but for parents as well!

Source: Co. Design, Happiest Baby.

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